Barry Collyer, Class of '74

I was not in sports, band or anything else...I did sleep in shop class though!

1979: Graduated From Southern Technical Institute 79-81: Lived in Mobile, AL 81-90: Lived In New Orleans, LA 90-93: Lived in Augusta, GA 93-97: Lived in Amarillo, TX 97: Going Back to New Orleans!

Occupation: Fire Protection Engineer (Nuclear) - have worked at a half dozen nuclear power plants. Worked for the DOE in the disassembly of nuclear weapons at the Pantex Plant. Have Top Secret Clearance. Going back to Waterford 3 Nuclear Station in New Orleans!

Married to high school sweethart (Former Doreen Collins; 74 Carver High) Four kids, one grandson, .....two dogs, two cats and some fish!!

December, 1997

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