Robert W. Cunningham, Class of '74

I attended Baker from 1970 to 1971, although I feel as if I had been there longer. I played football, and was a member of the Track Team while at Baker. I really enjoyed Mr. Liner's Classes, PE "on the Field", cutting Study Hall at Mickey D's, protesting the dismissal of a faculty member by Mr. Boyles for no real reason (The Toadstool/Pot Smoking Hippyfreak Problem), helping to stage a sit-in at the entrance to the office in protest, the "Two Week Walk-Out", the burning down of the school Auditorium, yes, these are a few of my favorite things. I know this may sound stupid, but I miss the people the most.

I am married, and have two children Ryan (14) and Lauren (13). I was transfered to Spencer High in 1971-72 and finished high school in 1974 although not at Spencer. I majored in Drama at Columbus College and finished my 1980. I worked various Theatre jobs (both as an Actor and Tech) until I began work in broadcasting. I have been working in both Radio and Television for several years now, and have taught Broadcasting, at both the high school (5yrs Kendrick High) and College (10 yrs Chattahoochee Valley College) level. I produce Local Television Shows and TV Commercial Production and have worked as an On-Air Announcer at local radio stations. I will be leaving Columbus soon,I may be going to work for GPTV in Atlanta.

April, 1997

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