Phillip "Phil" Jelks, Class of '74

To those that knew me back then, I was know as the "crazy one" and the guy that never quit talking. I still am, but that has assisted me through this wonderful walk through life and with the Lord. Three things I remember most about Baker. The auditourium burning, the riots of 72, and graduating last of the class. Raymond Phillips, Danny Tharpe, and Clarence Johnson were the friends I remember most. I joined the Army immediatly after graduating, served 20 years, and retired 10 years ago. The movie "Blackhawk Down" reminds me of things I wish to forget. Guitars and music are still the love of my life and I still play in churches and other Christian events in my area. I retired from the military to Colorado where I am now a charter bus driver, tour guide and photographer in the Colorado Springs area.

May, 2005

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