Patricia Marvets (Godown), Class of '74

At Baker: I remember the auditorium burning-the Riots-the snow of 73-skipping school and going to Benning hills,and, what was it called? Upatoi creek on Ft. Benning?, football games, hanging out at the Krystal and the numerous daytime parties at various houses. Made alot of friends that are still friends today. And of course, I could not end this without mentioning fond memories of Chuck Goodrum, Terri Childs, Faye Beasley, Wava Mulford, Teresea Moskol and all the friends that came with them (too many to list) You know who you are. After Baker: Married in 75 to Brad (29 yrs.) 76-78 stationed in Verona, Italy. 79-96 lived in Columbus. During that time I had 3 children Andi (27), Daniella (24), and Rob (20). In 87, Brad and I opened a gymnastic gym (Tumbling Bears Gymnastic Center)where we trained and competed gymnasts at the state and regional levels. Closed it in 96, moved to Atlanta so Brad could train gymnasts at the national level. I continued coaching until 97, when I became a purchaser for a gymnastics maufacturer. Quit in 2001 due to health issues and spent the next couple of years concentrating on getting well. I have now re-entered the work force part time as office manager of a Hair Salon in Conyers. I have a pretend grandson(Blake, 2) who spends every weekend with us. (helping out a single father) Love living in the Atlanta area, although I miss my family and friends in Columbus. Would love to hear from any baker bum.

October, 2007

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