Sheila Ogden (Rambeck), Class of '74

I was in Lionbackers (tried out for Dandylions and didn't make it), and was in the English Club. No truly memorable events, but if I had to do it over again, I'd sure make some changes!

I have finally completed a degree (too lazy to do it all at once). I've gotten married to Steve Rambeck, who flies for Delta Air Lines, and we have one child, Kevin, who is 13. I ice skate in my spare time, but I started law school in August 2003 so that came to a grinding halt. I graduated May 12, 2006. Bar exam July 25-26, 2006!

Ambitions: To be a prosecuting attorney, skate great and enjoy my family and friends.

Work is not a priority in my life, but I do enjoy what I work at.

June, 2006

Sheila's e-mail address: prosecutortobe at yahoo dot com    Contact information for Sheila Baker Lions only

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My incredibly late in life graduation from law school at Georgia State!
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I didn't graduate from college until 2003 (should have been 1978) and went straight to law school. It's finally done!!

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