Gary Wells, Class of '74


I was the annual staff photographer. I was in the English club and the National Honor Society. Mainly I received a very good high school education. Looking back, I think this was largely due to the wide diversity of the student body and faculty. The most memorable moment had to be the riot my sophomore year (spring 1972).

I graduated from Georgia Tech with a mechanical engineering degree in 1979. While going to school I had a Co-op job with a tobacco company in Greensboro N.C. Upon graduation, I took a job with Schlumberger Well Services (oil and gas industry) as a field engineer in South Texas. Presently I'm the South Texas technical engineer (that means I tutor the young engineers and help introduce new technology) for Schlumberger. I'm one of the fortunate people who can truly say they enjoy their work. I enjoy travel and still enjoy sports cars.

November, 2004

Gary's e-mail address: wellsg at san dash antonio dot oilfield dot slb dot com    Contact information for Gary Baker Lions only

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With my friend Sandy at a 2003 Christmas Party
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