Steven G. "Steve" Grant, Class of '75

Tennis, Annual Staff Photographer, Newspaper Staff...Enjoyed Annual Staff and Tennis most of all...Most memorable moments were taking candid photos at school...

Moved to Atlanta with fellow BHS alumnist Ray Ellis in 1976, have lived here since. Have been in the computer industry most of that time, currently work for eQuorum Corporation in Atlanta, we manufacture and market plotting and web-based document management software focusing on the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries. I am married (Robin) and have one daughter (Cacey) attending Kennesaw State College. I still enjoy tennis and play in Atlanta's organized tennis association, ALTA, as well as USTA.I have been a motorcycle enthusiast for many years, enjoy chasing my wife on the winding roads in the north Georgia mountains. My wife and I are also Team Clark Howard Habitat for Humanity Volunteers. Other BHS Alums I keep in touch with here in Atlanta include Alan Jarvis (my tennis partner while I was at BHS),my best friend Ray Ellis, Alice Collier, and recently ran into Randy Fitch (I discovered we belong to the same motorcyle club).

August, 2004

Steve's e-mail address: steve dot grant at equorum dot com    Link to Steve's Web page     
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