Aaron Paschal, Class of '75

My fondest memory was playing basketball three of my four years at Baker. The highlight was during my senior year when we won the Christmas tournament. I'll never forget the picture in the Columbus paper the next day of Coach Gresham sporting his afro wig, flanked by his African American team celebrating the victory!

We had a dissappointing defeat in the citywide tournament.

I went on to finish columbus College majoring in Business Management. I went to work for Trust Company of Columbus Bank in their Managment Training porgram. I joined my present employer, Gerogia Power Company in marketing, getting the opportutniy to work and live in several Georgia towns, Valdosta, Atlanta, Macon an back in Atlanta.

I am married to Alfreda Nettles ('76 graduate, Hardaway High) and we have three lovely daughters, Tiffany, 13, Tracey, 10 and Lynsey, 8. I coach my daughters 10 & 8 & under basketball teams.

My time at Baker was very fulfilling. I established many friendships which I hope to renew as time passes.

If anyone can help me locate a 1975 yearbook, I would be very grateful.

January, 1998

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