John "Wesley" Peeler, Class of '75

Recent Mug Shot I use in my weekly column. 

Tennis Team 71-75. Retired from U.S. Army 1996, Attended U. of Colo. at Denver, U. of Maryland (Overseas Extension), Southern Union Jr. College, Appalachian Technical College. Degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Sytems. I was employed as a Sports Editor and Writer for at The Bayonet Newspaper at Fort Benning 1996-1998, and am currently the Sports Editor for the Times-Courier in Ellijay, Ga. Last year I won an award for my sports section and was recognized at the annual Georgia Press Association conference, and this year I am being recognized as the top sports columnist in Georgia for a weekly paper in Division D. Unforntunatly, I have not been able to stay in contact with anyone I went to school with because of my time in the military, and living way up here in the mountains. I have a farm and five horses that keep me pretty busy when I am not out at a sporting event somewhere in the state. Anyone interested in contacting me, please do.

June, 2003

Wesley's e-mail address: jpeeler at timescourier dot com    Link to Wesley's Web page     
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