Angela D. Watt, Class of '75

I graduated from Baker High in 1975. I was on the journalism staff. My favorite memories are of our great basketball team we had and of the Dandylions. Do they still have Dandylions? I attended my 20 year reunion in 1995 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I saw people that I had not seen since we left high school in 1975.

I have fun memories of Baker. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Rose Holliday (English) and Mr. Joe Crawford art.

I attended Tuskegee Institute studied accounting. I worked with The Coca-Cola Company as an accountant in Atlanta, GA. I am now a self-employed Insurance Agent with New York Life Insurance Company. I have a daughter, Tenille Nichole who is a sophmore this year at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. My greatest ambition is to live life to the fullest and retire early.

February, 1998

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