Christoph "Chris" Castro, Class of '76

About-Baker: Hi everyone, I went to Baker from 72-76. I really enjoyed going to Baker and made some good friends while I was there. I really didn't participate in any organized school activity. Although I did join the BMF club "Baker Men Fraternity" during my last year of high school. It was a pretty cool club. Lots of parties and remember those Panama City trips during spring break!! Delta and BMF had some good times. I enjoyed the football games the most. Even though we were not doing well during those times. My most memorable moment at Baker was graduation. It was great to see everyone having a good time and knowing it was over. Or so we thought......

After-Baker: I went into the Marine Corps right after graduation. I went into their electronics program. I only stay for four years and came back to Columbus to attend Columbus Tech. I graduated from Columbus Tech in August 1982 with an Associates in Electronic Technology. I immediately got a job with Ford Aerospace in Sunnyvale California. Ford Aerospace later became Loral Space and Range Systems. We maintained computer systems that control the Air Force Satellite systems. I married Kay Nix in November of 82 who is also from Columbus and graduated from Hardaway High. We were married for 16 years before I lost her to cancer. I now work for a company called Nortel Networks as a Network Engineer. I still live in northern California in a small town outside of the bay area called Oakley. I stay very active with my Harley Davidson, mountain biking and snowboarding when the ski seasons hit. I'm currently single and enjoying life.

December, 2001

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