Wiley "Chip" Conner, III, Class of '76

I was in ROTC for three years, National Honor Society, Student Gov't, and the Spanish Club. My years at Baker were full of great memories( and some not so great) but one of the most memorable was during my Sophomore year when we staged a walk-out to protest the fact that there was no toilet paper in the restrooms.

The class of '76 did an excellent job on our 20th reunion. Great job, all!

After 10 Years of marriage, I divorced in 2000 and live in Marietta, GA with my 10 year old son, Cole. I am the Regional Sales Manager for Schwan's Food Service supplying food products to schools throughout the nation. I travel frequently around the nation but always enjoy getting back to Columbus. I enjoy working around the house and yard when I get a chance to stay at home for any length of time and I am an avid UGA fan. GO DOGS!

May, 2005

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