Leroy "Buddy" Miller, Class of '76

I had two years of Army ROTC at Baker. That convinced me join the U.S. Air Force.

After dropping out (March of my senior year), I joined the US Air Force. I've been to several assignments since joining the service. Included are tours to Panama, Georgia (couldn't leave home for long), Oklahoma, Nebraska, Alaska, Texas, and now in Okinawa Japan. I got divorced in 83 and remarried in 87. I now have two wonderful children (1 boy - 1 girl). I enjoy computers (Hey! It's my job), bowling fishing, hunting, and watching my kids grow.

Summer, 1999

I am know working for Lucent Technologies in NC.


Was laid off from Lucent last Sept (2001). Now working for Sara Lee in Winston Salem as a Senior Lawson Systems Analyst.

September, 2002

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