Junior Ortiz, Class of '76

After graduating from Baker I joined the U.S. Army and spent 26 years in and retired August 2001. After retiring from the Army I went back into the federal government as a civilian now working with the Federal Aviation Administration in Atlanta, GA. I live 25 miles south of Atlanta in Hampton, GA. I'm married to Stephanie Graziano class of 1977, we've been married for 26 years. We have two children Michele, 24 years old and Vincent, 21 years old. Also we have a dog, he's a Pug and his name is Ugie. Michele will be getting married in May 2003. I stay in-touch with ex-Baker BUMS, Augie Bellardine, Hector Silva, David Mills, George Jenkins, Bobby Rocha and Andre Tyler. Once a BUM always a BUM.

February, 2003

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