Sharon Stanford (Nicolay), Class of '76

my time at baker was great :) my first true love.. david davenport i will never forget you!!! first time getting high, first time getting drunk,first car many now my life is a lil more calm...i live in killeen texas, thanks to uncle sam and my husband i have ended upwhere it all started for me.ft hood texas..i have 2 grown children, marti who is now 24 with a 2 year old perfect lil angel i am lucky to hae as a granddaughter.....kayelee nicole my son justin is going to be 22 in june and will be in the army as of july, he is going to be in media communication for the military. i work at the largest pvtly owned liquor staore in the state of texas.i manage the wine dept and yes i have tried almost every wine in the store....check it out at

May, 2005

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