Peggy S Welch, Class of '76

Hi everyone, I didn't actually graduate from Baker. I would have in '76, but my mother remarried, and I ended up graduating in Shreveport, LA. My parents were so worried about all of those riots we endured back then! I just dropped to my knees and headed for the nearest door, BEFORE they could padlock us in. I will always consider my school years and friendships made back then as my most memorable. Knowing you people shaped my life. I think the 'can do' attitude of a bunch of Army Brats, is the best thing that ever happened to me. The diversity and comraderie was, and still is, unmatched. As I said, I moved and graduated from this rich kids high school in Shreveport. Can you imagine going to a school your Senior Year, whereby you had to wear a dress every day? The dress code was ludicrous. (I missed my Levis and football jerseys). My new VW beetle just couldn't hold up to the Beemers and such! I live in SE Michigan now. Am happily unmarried, and am a Registered Nurse...specializing in the Operating Room. I have 2 daughters...the youngest just graduated HS, and both of them are into the Nursing Field also. Not too bad for Baker Bums!

June, 2005

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