Eileen Bradford, Class of '77

About-Baker: During my years at Baker High, I was a member of the Chorus, Spanish Club, Future Home Makers of America and Future Business Leaders of America. My most enjoyable time was my freshman year in Home Economics under Mrs. Brown's leadership.

After-Baker: Since graduating in 1977, I married in 1978. I attended Fayetteville Technical College in Fayetteville, North Carolina from 78 - 80 and received an Associates Degree in Business Administration. My husband and I received orders for Germany where we lived in Wildflecken and Ashaffenburg from 80 - 83. After returning to the states, I worked 11 years for United Technologies Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. I have one son age 15 and currently work for TSYS as an Management Information Analyst and Web Master.

November, 2001

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