Robert Dobarzynski, Class of '77

At BHS: Football (1 yr), Cross Country (2 yrs). I enjoyed my time at BHS and kind of foolishly maximized holding myself back and minimizing my efforts. Enjoyed the friends, sports, snow, riots, and everything! I would not trade it for any other school! College: BBA Finance Columbus State University 1982 MBA Accounting Troy State University/Dothan AL 1999 MS Human Resource Mgt TSU/Dothan AL 2000 MS Industrial Engineering/Safety Texas A&M 2003 Army: 1984 -1998 Army Aviation. Saw a lot of places (New Jersey, Alabama, Texas, California, Germany, Korea, Egypt, Mexico). Loved flying helicopters! Family: 1st Marriage, 81 - 93, one son - Steven Paul (the light of my life!!!). Steven died on March 25, 2002 at the age of 20 (Leukemia)--- life is kind of dim now, but I'm trying. 2nd marriage, 93 - 03, one step son - Matthew (a bona fide genious and computer whiz!). I have been blessed with another chance at life after all of the trials & tribulations. 3rd mariage, 2004 to present, (my Mrs. America! Patti) a wife who is good to me & good for me and two wonderful stepchildren (Tiffany & Peter). Currently living in Alaska and working in Civil Service at Ft. Greely, AK (Safety manager).

July, 2005

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