Michael "Mike" Harty, Class of '77

After graduating in 1977 I went to CVCC and played tennis for two years. After graduating with a criminal justice degree I went to Southern Tech and played tennis. I came back to Columbus and went to Troy and completed my BS degree in criminal justice. I went and joined the Atlanta Police Dept. Over the years I have work in a number of units in the Atlanta Police Dept and have been a sergeant since 1991, I hoped to retired in 4 and half years. I have been married to a wonderful lady (Karenna) for a number of years and have two daughters. (Kristen 17 and Kaleigh 13) I have had a wonderful and complete life. The one regret is that I did not keep in touch with so many wonderful people from Baker. Once a Bum always a Bum.

November, 2005

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