Karl N. Hjort, Class of '77

Sailing in Key West 

I did as little as possible at Baker, and of course in my wiser years I learned that it may have been a mistake. Ha Ha !!

I managed restaurants for a couple of years, got married too young, and had a son, Aric Hjort, who was born on July 15, 1979. Realizing that I was heading nowhere fast, I joined the Army in 1980 and was stationed in Ft Campbell, Ky, and Asshaffenburg Germany. After 5 years in the Army, I got out and started working at Ft Benning as a Small Arms repairer in 1985. In early 1990, I decided to try a year in the Alabama National Guard in Phenix City and soon found myself in Saudi Arabia repairing M1 Abrahms Tank Turrets. Upon return from Saudi, I decided that I liked repairing Armament Systems and transfered my position at Ft Benning to doing that too. I opted to take the buyout when Ft Benning contracted out my job so now I own my own business repairing amusement electronics such as pinball machines, jukeboxes, dartboards, video games, pool tables, etc. You know the type, the ones you see in bars and restaurants. Now I've added a second business, Columbus Vending, Inc. It's a route operating the same type of machines. I got divorced about 7 years ago(again) which goes to show that I'm a slow learner. I got married way too young and am finally learning to date as most people did at a young age. Oh well; guess I wasn't so smart after all was I ?...Ha ha.

July, 2005

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