JoAnn Lay (Patton), Class of '77

About-Baker: My favorite high school memories are of ROTC and working on the "Lion's Roar." (I was editor during my senior year.) And who could forget the many fine teachers at Baker, including Mr. Liebendorfer, Mrs. Brady, Mrs. Childs, Sgt. "G.", and Mr. Liner?

After-Baker: I married Michael Patton in 1978. At the time, he was an Army Sgt. stationed at Ft. Benning. He got out of the military the next year and began a career in the water/wastewater industry. From 1978-1984, I worked at AFLAC as an executive secretary in the accounting and actuarial departments.

In 1989, Mike's career led us to Douglasville, GA, where he is now the Deputy Director of Water Operations for the Douglasville-Douglas County Water & Sewer Authority. Since our move, we've helped start two new churches. The church we're attending now just celebrated its 10th anniversary, and I'm working there part-time as church secretary. Mike and I also teach an adult Sunday School class. We were young adults when we started, but we're growing older together so we're now calling ourselves the "Still Young" Adults! :-)

After years of childlessness, we adopted our son John in 1990. He's been with us since he was two days old, and he is truly a gift from God. Our lives are so much richer because he is here to share it with us. He's a lot like me--loves books, movies, and computers and has a great sense of humor. It's hard to believe he'll start high school this fall!

I like to stay in touch with friends & family through e-mail & instant messaging and spend WAY too much time goofing off on the Internet. I'm happiest in my craft room, and love to sew and/or machine embroider, quilt, cross-stitch, paint, etc. If there's a craft out there, I'll try it at least once! I also spend too much time watching HGTV, but where else can you get so much inspiration for working on your home, which is another of my passions! If there's anything I'd still like to do with my life, I'd love to learn more about interior design & landscaping, and I'm actually looking forward to becoming a "Red Hat" lady when I hit 50 in a few years!

June, 2005

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