Clara Queen (Kaiser), Class of '77

Clara Queen Kaiser, 1997 

I started Baker in the nineth grade and went to summer school in the summer of 1976 so I could graduate early. I was in a hurry to grown up. Now sometimes I wish I had stayed in school and enjoyed my time as a teen; but I thought I knew everything then! I was only seventeen when I graduated Baker High in June of 1977. I was an Honor Roll student, a member of FHA (Future Homemaker of America) and DCT (a work study program where you went to school half the day and worked the other half).

I was also in band where I took guitar. My most memorable Baker moment was a band trip I took. The boys in the band sang on the bus ("me and my old dog blue"). Also remember the riots and the toilet papering of the school and the rolling of the Asst Principal.

I married three times, two were from Kendrick: Earl C.Hudgins and Dennis Hutchinson and the last Herman Kaiser from Daytona. I had two children John Derek Hutchinson and Jillian Hutchinson. Jillian is in 10th grade and attends school at Buena High School in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I went back to school in Sierra Vista, Arizona: where I attended Cochise College. I received my Teacher's Aide Certificate and started my Associate in Computer Science.I have lived in many places since leaving Baker: Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Texas,Arizona and Hawaii. Always wanted to go to Hawaii and my wish came true.

December, 1997

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