Sandra Rio (Tucker), Class of '77

About-Baker: I was a quite person but love to flirt with the guys in ROTC. i was ROTC for two years, 10th and 11th grade. All the guys i dated was very memorable, i love each and every one of them, and they have a place in my heart. They made me the person i am today. A very loving and passionet person.

After-Baker: leaving Baker high..i got married at age 18, husband in the air force, was station in fort walton beach for 4 years, then went to Guam for a year. Had three children, Leann, Bryan and Suzann which are 24, 21 and 18 now..I do have 2 grandchildren now, matthew 3 and kayla 3weeks old. I went to West Georgia college then went to Florida State, then back to Emory in Atlanta, where i'm an attorney now. I live here in macon, ga. now..been here for 8 years now,i work for a collection company, which i do the legal work.

September, 2001

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