Tim Frederick, Class of '78

Baker High History

    I attended Baker High for the full 4 years from 1974 thru 1978. I have lots of memories of that time in my life, Some good, Some not so good. There are a Few that if I could, I would like to go back and change But that's life and with age comes wisdom. I wasn't really a member of any school groups or functions and just tried to do my time and get by so to speak. I remember doing a lot of partying with some of you people and I Still Smile when I think of Those Day's. Overall I guess I had the Average high school experience. It was fun, But Man' Was I was Glad when it was over.

Post Baker

    After Graduation in 1978 I enlisted in the Air Force and spent my enlistment at Kirkland AFB in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Once I got out in 1982 I worked a few odd jobs and then finally went to work for NAPA as a Parts Counterman. I worked for them until 1987 when I decided to move to Florida. I have lived in Tampa, Florida ever since. While never really going to collage I have learned enough about computers on my own to make a living at it. After working a few more odd jobs in Tampa I started doing computer support and now work for the IT department of a major accounting firm known as PWC. I have been married to my only wife Angie for 13 years. We have no children, but my 4 dogs and my house keep me plenty busy. My hobbies include PC's of course and riding my Harley every chance I get.

Final Thoughts

    As I look over this site I see many names of both teachers and students that conjure memories in me. I would like to say high to all of you and wish you all happiness in your life. I have never attended any reunions but I was in Columbus a few years ago. At that time the area had really changed and Baker was no longer a school but some sort of school board building. It looked Smaller then I remember somehow. But you know, The Krystal's was Still There. Guess that's just an example of how things change But still remain the same. Take Care Everybody...


June, 2005

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