Mike McNerney, Class of '78

Well, here goes nothing...after barely graduating, I roamed around Columbus for a while then decided to join the Navy. They let me stay for about 3 years and said "that's enough". I returned to Columbus and held down a few odd jobs til i met the love of my life. Tim and I then moved to Kankakee, Illinois where we drove an 18 wheeler, the company folded and I became a screenprinter. We remained in Illinois for about 6 years then went our seperate ways. I, AGAIN, returned to Columbus (you just can't shake this place)where i worked in a variety of fields from managing a gas station to running a kitchen in a sports bar,I'm currently in the maintenance dept. at a local hotel. OLD SCHOOL : I was in the Archeology club(who had the worst jerseys on campus)and did a stint with WBHS. I also did the inside artwork for the '77 yearbook(but not the cover,Panco did that),oh, and for the record,i had nothing to do with the "ROTC" letter mix up, that was the editors!...Good times!

August, 2004

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