Michael Ward, Class of '78

ROTC 9,10,11; wrestling 10,11,12; English Club 10,11,12; WBHS 12.

Since graduation I did a stint in the Air Force, went to school majoring in computer programming. Currently I live in "Big Sky" country aka Montana. I am married to a great woman, Shawn,and have a 5 yr. old son and a 2 yr. old son , guess your never too old .Currently I am working as sales rep for an national energy company with southwestern montana as my district. Crime and smog free "gotta love it". You could say ," I got me a home where the buffalo roam" ..... you know the rest. Those wishing to contact me can do so at wolfrunr60@hotmail.com .

April, 2005

Michael's e-mail address: wolfrunr60 at hotmail dot com    Contact information for Michael Baker Lions only

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