Teresa K. Beesley (Davis), Class of '79

I transferred to Baker on my sophmore year from Korea. Since I couldn't speak English very well during my sophmore year, I spent most of my time with Webster as in dictionary. I was in National Honor society during my Junior and Senior year. During my senior year, I enjoyed being a Gayfer Girl representing Baker. Graduation Party was pretty memorable thanks to Donna.

After graduating from High School, I went to college for two years. I met and married a professional baseball player name Glenn Davis while he was playing for the Columbus Astros in 1984. We lived in Houston, Texas for 6 years while Glenn played for the Astros, but we were able to come back to Columbus during the off-season. We lived in Baltimore for three years when we got traded to the Orioles. We recently moved back to Columbus having spent last two years in Kobe, Japan. (barely missed the Great Earthquake of 95) Glenn and I have three daughters, ages 10,8,6. They keep us busy. Glenn and I are also the founders of "The Carpenters Way Ranch" in Columbus, where we provide a Christian home for abused, abandoned, and neglected boys. We are currently building our second home to help more boys. Our vision is to eventually have 4 homes on this site. Ranch has been in operation for five years and we are pleased with progress and changes in our boys.

December, 2001

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