James A. Jackson, Jr., Class of '79

Hey y'all! Guess what? Wendy and I finally got married in 1990! Between the two of us we have five (5) beautiful Children; two from her first marriage, two from mine and one together. I will let her tell the rest of "our" story. As for me, I left Columbus in the Summer of 1979 heading off to school in Knoxville, Tennessee to matriculate at Knoxville College. Finished and accepted my commission in the U.S. Marines, stayed for five (5) years and moved on to bigger challenges. Became a fiber optics engineer working with passive systems in Hickory, North Carolina. In 1993 we [Wendy and the kids and me] moved back to Columbus to care for her mom, who began succumbing to dementia. I entered in to the public sector, working for the Columbus Consolidated Government. We currently live in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I serve as a city official for the city.

August, 2003

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