Robert M. Jackson, Class of '79

About-Baker: I was in ROTC my last two years. I enjoyed my years at Baker, though I wish I was a little more out-going and envolved. Now it is really neat to read about some of the people from Baker and what they are doing now.

After-Baker: I am married to a Columbus High graduate, who is a teacher. We have 3 children, boy of 11, girl of 7, and another boy of 5. They are the center of our lives. We have been married for 16 years, have lived here in the Augusta area for 19. I am a Manager with ADT, have been with them for 8 years with no plans of ever leaving (until retirement of course)! We built our second house just 3 years ago and enjoy working around here (I have been building a brick shop/storage building for about a year in my spare time). Otherwise we are busy taking the kids to their different functions and planning vacations during each summer. My parents live in Pine Mountain and her parents still live in Columbus, so we get back to the area frequently. 9/24/03 Just add 2 years to all the numbers above and that will bring you up to date! Other then that, everything is still as busy. I beleive I'll finally be through with that shop this weekend!

September, 2003

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