Roy Warren, Class of '79

I had a great time at Baker; I spent most of my time hanging out in the gyms with David Gallegos. After leaving BHS,David and I both joined the Marines. I was an avionics technician stationed in Hawaii and Japan until 1984. After leaving the service,I began my career in the telecommunications industry as a technician and eventually served as an operations manager. I met my beautiful wife Michelle at work and eventually moved to Fitzgerald, Georgia working as the lead instructor in the Telecommunications programs at East Central Technical College. Currently, I am serving as the Instructional Technology Supervisor/ Director at the college overseeing the Telecommunications, CIS, Industrial Systems and Business Office Technolgy programs at the main campus. I have two wonderful children Jo-Leigh 9 years old Jacob 3 years old I still enjoy working out, but spend a lot of time fishing on the Gulf when I can.

November, 2003

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