Marie Elizabeth Miller (Powell), Class of '80

Marie Elizabeth Miller Powell, 1996 

I enjoyed singing in the chorus and being a majorette. I also had many fun after-school hours working as an editor on the yearbook, Lion's Pride.

My most memorable Baker moment happened at my 10-year reunion rather than during my school years at BHS. Nobody recognized me! Everyone was looking at my then-husband trying to remember who he was. I got a big kick out of it. And yes, I was elected as the "Most Changed Female."

In a very brief nutshell: I attended UF for 2 years. Then I got married, went to cosmetology school and worked as a hair-stylist from 1984-1993. The last 5 of those years I was self-employed. I have two sons: John "Jody", 13; and Trevor, 5.

In 1993 I got a divorce and began attending school full-time. In December of 1996 I received a B.S. in Computer Science and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.

I began working for IBM in January, 1997 as a software developer for a product called ProductManager. People can visit the ProductManager website at

I also maintain a website for a learning disability called Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Its URL is

May, 1996

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Marie with Trevor and Jody November, 1994.
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