Tina Marie Nichol (Ward), Class of '80

Hi! Isn't this great! Getting to know all about each other after all of these years! I really miss those days. Life was so much easier. But life has been good to me, as a matter of fact my life has made a round-a-bout since the 10 year reunion. I'll tell you about it next time we meet. Anyway, I have a wonderful husband and 2 great kids,(girls) 16 and 13. Who would have ever thought I'd be a housewife with kids? It's great when your happy with life and love your spouse. Oh, and incase you dont remember me, I'm the one that didn't really participate in things and chose to work and graduate early.(summer of 79). I regret not participating in the extra curricular activities because I missed out. Sooooo, I'm encouraging my girls to be active. Miss you all, Love, Tina

July, 2007

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