Ira Queen, Class of '80

A played football and was in the Biology Club.

While at Baker one of my favorite things was practicing and playing football. The camaraderie I felt with the other members of the team is one of the things I missed most after graduation. I am still very much into athletics. I still lift weights and exercise on a daily basis. I also enjoyed all of the Ecology Club activities.

After Graduation I attended Columbus College and graduated in 1984 with a BS in Chemistry, and briefly attended the FSU graduate chemistry program before entering the Army.

In 1985, Lori Crosby (Baker class of '82) and I got married and have a daughter Lauren (1989) and son Andrew (1993).

In 1996 I graduated from the University of Washington with a MA in International Studies.

Since joining the Army I have been able to travel extensively and work with people from all over the world, something that I truly enjoy. I even had the opportunity to have brunch with George and Barbra Bush. I am currently working at the JFK Special Warfare Center on Ft. Bragg.

Ira & Lori Queen 6615 Pacific Ave. Fayetteville, NC 28314

December, 1997

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