Rodney "Rod" Weatherholtz, Class of '80

I am currently married to a great woman, Tammie. We have been married since 1989. We have a daughter, Tiffany. She is starting high school next year(2005-2006). Looks like she is going to Columbus High. She is 14 going on 25 and is a cheerleader. I have 2 grown children from a previous marriage. Melissa (24) and Rodney (jr.)and he is 21. Melissa has 2 kids so I guess I am a very young Grand Pa. I have been a christian since 1989. I praise GOD everyday for all that he has brought me through. I am a licensed real estate broker here in Columbus. We own our own real estate company called "Assurance Realty & Property Management Group Inc." our office number is (706) 221-1535. If there is anyway I can help a fellow lion just let me know. GOD BLESS

May, 2005

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