Carol Ann Kaplan, Class of '81


The things I remember most about Baker High....cold french fries, hairy fried chicken, the janitor's poem, Coach Larry Laney and his shop class, Mrs. Reid, flunking Mr. Liner's Ecology class (yes, it's true), Mrs. Bradley's english class, Ms. Alberta Farley, cheerleading, Mr. Goodrum's constant smile, Alpha Sorority, Johnny Hampton and most of all, the surprise of actually graduating.

August, 2005

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More Pictures

1996. Wow, I only wished I looked this good now!

Morgan's 1st Birthday
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Morgan's Baptism Dress
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Morgan 2 Years Old

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Morgan 2 Years Old

Wow, is that me???
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Meet Morgan Kyung Kelley. Born March 24, 2004.

Morgan and Lily
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2002. Me with my little Charlie!

Charlie in Her Cozy Red Sweater
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Charlie in Her Bed
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