Frank Marion Cromer, Class of '82

Freshmen year - ROTC, Colorguard, Drill Team Sophomore year - Wrestling, Football Junior - Football Senior - DCT work program.

Most memorable moment - Baker football defeating Hardaway in 1982. Made me wish I was still playing.

Attended Columbus State U. (then named Columbus College) for a year. Joined the US Air Force as a reservist (spent nearly a year in active duty for electronics school). After the Air force I drove out to Los Angeles, CA and hung-out for about a year. Later I lived in Chicago for a short period. Came home and went back to Columbus State (Computer Information Systems). Making a living as a computer programmer (mostly Visual Basic and database stuff). Living in north-east Tennessee with a beautiful wife (she was a fitness champ!) who is rising fast in a medical sales career (she spent several years as an RN). Still lifting weights after all these years. Although I never became the pro-bodybuilder I day-dreamed about, I did make it to Gold's Gym (the original) in Venice Beach for a little while. Ah, the glory days.

July, 2000

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