Jan Hudgins (Clauson), Class of '83

About-Baker: I was a member of annual staff, chorus, drama club, English club, WBHS, All-City and All-State chorus participant, school reporter for WRBL, jr exchangette, NHS, Who's Who.

I don't remember my most memorable moment. I do remember, though, as a sophomore, skipping chorus, right in front of the door to choral room. Mary Anne Lee, myself, and some others I cannot remember all ended up in Phillips' office because we were tired of being yelled at and cussed at by Mr Howard. Phillips tried to send us back to class, but I REALLY defined my relationship with him when I marched us into Mr Goodrum's office, asked Mrs Cheatum to speak with him, and we were seen. Not only did Mr Goodrum hear us, we were given library passes for the rest of that week and told to come back any time we had problems. Phillips was pissed, and Howard did not last another year. It is good-- sometimes--when your dad and the principal are buds!

After-Baker: Hmm, since leaving, I attended Columbus College, and still have 35 hours left. I married Gerald Leroy Clauson--Baker Class of 81--September 21, 1996. No children. Was diagnosed with diabetes December 12, 1997, five days after my birthday. We bought our first home in September, 2002. I have done a few shows at the Human Experience Theatre, and most recently portrayed Sister Margaretta in THE SOUND OF MUSIC for the Family Theatre. I work for an alarm company here in town, and have over 11 years experience there. My beautiful niece, Leslie, is attending classes at Columbus State University (Columbus College or Cody Road High), and will graduate this fall. She was an exchange student at Oxford University, and was nominated as a Rhodes scolar. Laura just started her freshman year at Wesleyan College in Macon, and received a softball scholarship. Seth married a few months ago, and he and his wife have a beautiful baby boy, Ryan David, who just turned 1. Shawn, Michael's son, catches and pitches for his little league team, and is an A/B student. DJ, Sandy's son, is a straight-A student in Chattahoochee County. On September 10, 2005, Mom, Gerald, Sandra, and I took DJ and Shawn to see THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at The Fox Theatre, and they really enjoyed it.

RIP Michael--I love you and miss you!

October, 2005

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