Sheila McDonald Hand, Class of '83

At Baker I studied. Graduation day was my most memorable moment.

After leaving Baker in 1983, I worked for AFLAC and Total Systems. In 1985 I began working for the Federal Government. I am still working at Fort Benning. I have obtained a Paralegal Degree and am currently the Fort Benning Hearing Officer. I work for the Administrative and Civil Law Division, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate.

In 1989, I met a wonderful man, got married and now have three children (2 girls and a boy). I enjoy playing tennis when I get the chance. I enjoy my job, my family, and my fun. As you can imagine, I stay extremely busy. My ambitions are to be a terrific mother and raise my children to be respectful, smart, and hard working. I also plan to further my career.

April, 1997

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