David B. Otis, Class of '83


About-Baker: J.R.O.T.C., Rifle Team & N.H.S.

Most memorable moment about Baker: Involved in a drug search at Tampa, Fla. We were in Tampa for a rifle match and we were staying at McDill AFB. We were harassing/being harassed by other rifle team members from Kendrick and Hardaway when someone knocked on our door late that night. Thinking it was one of the punks from Kendrick, we planned to grab one of them and beat him up. I was hiding behind the door and Norman (Andrews) was going to leap out and tackle the person knocking on the door. When I snatched the door open and Norman lunged out, he was greeted by a vicious German Shepard! I think that was the first time a saw a black person turn white! Glenn (Alvin Scott) went out the window and managed to get into his room when the base police entered our room. No drugs were found; we managed to flush them down the toilet (just kidding!). The Columbus teams dominated the rifle match, with Baker coming in first place! Rifle Team members: Walter Scott ('82), Alvin (Glenn) Scott ('83), Norman Andrews ('83), Albert Narr ('84), and me.

After-Baker: Took about 5 years to get my degree. I wasted my junior year at GA Tech by having too much fun in "Hot-lanta". Went back to Columbus College to get my B.S. in Math (they didn't offer a computer science degree at the time). After graduating from CC, three days later I got married (she told me that she was pregnant!). I joined the Army and served for about 4 years (3 of them in Hawaii). Came back to Columbus and got a job as a programmer with TSYS, and have been with the company for about 12 years. We have 2 girls and a boy, Meghan, Michelle "Pookie" and "DJ", and we are active members of our church, The River of Columbus.

We're happy to announce the birth of "Davy" Jr. on Aug. 26, 2004

August, 2004

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"DJ" in his deer huntin' outfit
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Deer tremble at the mention of his name!

The great "Deer Slayer" takin' a nap.
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Here's "DJ"
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Meghan w/"DJ"
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"Pookie" w/"DJ"
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This is why I have a shotgun, baseball bat & a "Rambo" knife close by!
Meghan - Shaw H.S. Class of '09

"Pookie" - Shaw H.S. Class of '09
Lawd help me get thru these last 2 years!

Mother's Day '07: Single mom portrait. That DJ is up to no good!
"Pengie", Meghan, "Pookie" & DJ

Dat's my boi!
He's my pride & joy!

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