David Reed, Class of '83

Went to Georgia Tech 1983-1987 and actually completed 3 years of the Computer Science Program. Worked in Germany with my parents for a year and a half. Completed B.S. Computer Science at CSU (it was still Columbus College then) in August 1989 and a second major in Accounting in May 1990, even passed the CPA exam (on my first try, no small feat), since then I've been a computer programmer in half a dozen languages. Tried to start a business with Dave Simmons and Pat McKibbins and several non-Baker Alumni up in Ohio. Unfortunately, the venture failed in 1994. Two jobs after that I was relocated to Lousiville in July 1997. With no end to my unlucky streak, that company folded in 1999.

I've joined another start-up company to sell and service life insurance and annuities online, programming a lot of the automation and web design; we've had a lot of great press coverage in the insurance industry journals, the company is called inviva. We survived the "tech bubble bursting"; we were actually one of the very few companies that had a good enough business plan to get venture financing in 2001, when virtually everything else was dying out, to the tune of $65 million. We look to really take off in 2002-2003.

I got married in 1995, seperated and divorced two years later. In an unusual twist, I have custody of the kids. My mom and my ex-mother-in-law both relocated to Louisville to help me take care of my three children, all of whom were born in 1995, Michael in January, and twins Katlyn and Kimberly in October. [9 months and 9 days apart; yes, I was entirely too busy that year ;-) ]

One ambition is to eventually return to work and live in Georgia, either in Atlanta or Columbus; at the very least I expect move back to the deep south years from now when I retire. For now I am very content in Louisville, only I miss the great times I've had with the Baker alum I hung out with both while there and since graduating, mostly playing D&D and other RPG's, including several truly memorable weekend D&D marathons at my folks' trailer in Eufalla, AL.

April, 2002

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