Marlene Robinette (Sindy), Class of '83

Hello ! I don't know who out there may remember any of the Robinette's we all attended Baker some of us only briefly ! However, Baker has a way of staying with you through life. Anyone remember, Timmy Robinette , I miss him deeply he passed away several years back and recently(2 years ago) I lost my mother also, my baby sis is still a thorn in my side lol Beverly and my older brother Ronnie lives in Ladonia,Al. anyone who may want to contact my sister or brother please E-mail me , They haven't caught on to using a pc and the whole internet thing yet .Well, I would love to hear from any old or new friends !! hope to hear from some old friends -- Marlene Sindy

March, 2004

Marlene's e-mail address: sindy at mchsi dot com    Contact information for Marlene Baker Lions only

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