Melissa K. "Lisa" Elliott (Malone), Class of '84

Wow, I can't wait to contact some old friends, I hope if you are here you will take the time to write to me. I haven't had a lot of contact with anyone since I moved in 1987. I am in Pensacola, Florida. I fell in love with this city in 1984 when Mr. Dawson brought the Criminal Justice Club to Pensacola Beach. I still really love it here despite the last two years of hurricane season and the ensuing home repairs!! I have been blissfully married for the last 13 years to a very tall and cute cowboy,(which, if you are from Georgia translates to "redneck") we don't have any children yet (yikes I am almost 40) but we have 4 dogs and an assortment of stray cats. I have been a hairdresser for the last 20 years and love it. My mom and dad are still in the Oakland Park house, things in the old neighborhood look very different. Well I miss all my old friends, hope to hear from some of you, I miss Liebendorfer and Liner, trips to Taco Bell (illegally leaving campus, of course), and the "good ole days". Take care all. God bless. Lisa

October, 2005

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