John D Przenkop, Class of '84

Hey everyone, This is John Przenkop, I didn't go to baker all four year's, but i did go for half a year in 1983 and graduated barely with you in 1984, Most of the people that went to baker, Were military brats, As i was, My father drag us all over the world, every two or three years we moved, i went to three different high school's, And i think i graduated from the best high school, I'm proud to be a Baker Lion and Bum, I served 8 year's in the US Army, 5 yrs active and 3 yrs Reserve's, I now work for the Federal Govt here at Fort Benning as a Maint's Tech/Plumber at Family Housing, And i also own a Service Company(Plumbing/Electrical) called Big John's Service Co. I never made the mistake of getting married, And i don't have any kids that i know of, I just built a house in North Columbus(2002)so i guess Columbus is my permanent home now, But i do travel all over the place when i get a chance, But most of all i have no regret's and im very happy with my life, And i hope to see all of you at this year's re-union and all of the rest of the re-union's

July, 2004

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