Bennie E. Braswell, Jr., Class of '85

Bennie Braswell, 1985 "Most Dependable" 

I enjoyed my years at Baker because I had a great "class" of people in my class. Since graduating, I went on to Tuskegee University where I earned my B.S. in political science (pre-law). After that I was commissioned a 2Lt in the US Army and served six years in the Chemical/Military Intelligence Corps. I married the former Regina R. Densmore from Gadsden, AL of whom I met at my first duty station. We have been married for over ten years (12/92) and we have three children. Our oldest son is Tre' (Bennie III) and is 8 (6/95), our only daughter is Destiny and she is seven (9/96), and our youngest son is Jonathan Dakota who is only two (2/01). My wife is a counselor by trade and she earned her Master's Degree from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL. After resigning my commission, I entered into the world of self-employment as an independent insurace agent. I then went to school and achieved my investment license. I did this for two years until First Union (now Wachovia) called me. I served First Union faithfully until my sister died in 2001 from multiple cancerous tumors at the age of 42. That event helped to focus me on my childhood objectives. I went back to school (seminary) for two years and I am now preaching full time. To God be the glory in all things!

October, 2003

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