Joel Eagle, Class of '85

Joel Eagle, 1985 

I think the only club I was in was FBLA. My brother Larry ('86) also graduated from Baker. I did a lot of crazy things at Baker and had some help with the likes of Pat Mckibbens ('85), Donald Stauffer ('85), David Powell ('83) and several others. My most memorable teacher has to be Mr. Hardy. He was the best teacher I have ever had, and I've had alot since then.

After graduating I went to Columbus College (now Columbus State University). I worked for several years in the "Food service industry" and got a second job delivering and setting up PCs. The second job turned into a tech position in wh ich I was contracted out to AFLAC. That's when I got into networking (LANs/WANs). I took in a lot of OJT and combined with some formal training to acquire some industry specific titles (CNE, MCSE, etc...) led to a lot of good opportunities. I'm currentl y enjoying a career at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ga as a member of the Network Services team, which by the way has three Baker grads on it, David Kannady ('68) and Raymond Tuggle ('71 I think). I kid them alot about them graduating before I was in grade s chool! Blue Cross has many Baker grads employed and I will encourage them to check in.

I've been married to Frances for 2.5 yrs and don't plan on procreating. (It's way overrated!) My fear is that I will have a kid just like me. My wife is a dope pusher grad from Auburn University. We have just bought some property in a subdivision called C oca-Lake and plan to build HER dream house there. I enjoy racing and traveling. MY ambitions... I want to see and experience as much of this world as I can. Like they say, "You only go 'round once" The Plan: Retire rich and die destitute!

June, 1996

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