Donald Stauffer, Class of '85

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Don Stauffer, 1985 

I was involved a lot with the band and other clubs such as FBLA, Head to Head. Who's Who amongst American High School Students, etc. ad nauseum. Mostly, I just hung out with friends. Most memorable moment was my entire senior year when I had my schedule worked out to where I could skip the middle half of the day and receive A's in those classes.

After school, I worked at Swift Textiles for a few years before taking the glamorous job of a store detective at the local Zayre's in Columbus. One eventful evening talking to a friend in Atlanta, she told me about the company she was at who was looking for computer programmers. Drove up to Atlanta and was offered a job the next day.

Ended up at that job for seven years before becoming a freelance consultant. Since then, I've worked for the 1996 Summer Olympics, Bellsouth, the Southern Company, a little research house called Numerex, and finally at Air2Web where I work as a senior architect in the company's R&D division.

In late 1994, I met my wife Toni. Together we have four children.

Update: On February 15, 2006 I had a stroke. I'm doing okay. In physical therapy to deal with the weakness on the left side of my body. The doctors say that diabetes was the primary factor. So now I'm getting my sugars under control and I've also quit smoking. Don't take life for granted!

And, what happened to our 20 year reunion?

March, 2006

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