Yong Mi Won (Kelly), Class of '85

Yong Mi Won (Marissa Youngmi Kelly), 1985 

I was in Student Council (1982-1983), Student Advisory Committee (1982-1983), Future Business Leaders of America (1983-1985), and DCT/VICA (1984-1985). Also, I was a member of National Honor Society (1983-1985).

Since leaving Baker, I have obtained a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science at CSU in 1990. Worked in Total System Services for couple years.

In 1992, married U.S. military officer who was stationed in Korea. Taught English and American cultures to non-English speaking Koreans. Have been travelling U.S. and overseas.

Now, I'm back home. Keeping occupied always by my beautiful children (Christian, Charissa, and Jonathan).

Currently, looking forward to starting my own career.

March, 2004

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