Clay Leitzke, Class of '86

Very Active with ROTC, almost obsessed with it. Typical geek stuff, Honor Society, Student Gov, yadda yadda... Most memorable moment, unfortunately, would have to be the Bi-Annual review when I was a senior.

My sister Joan M. "Missy" Leitzke (Wood) '82 also attended Baker.

I did what most expected and started a life in the military. I joined the Air Force as an electronics specialist working on B-52's. I finished out my enlistment with the Air Force in Charleston, SC, and accepted a job at Delta Air Lines as an Aircraft Computer Technician in Los Angeles. I continued my education at UC Irvine majoring in Math and Computer Science. I became the Senior Engineer for Airport Computer Operations(Geek). I left Delta in December of 96 to become a Microsoft Trainer. I was the Senior Microsoft Trainer for Global Knowledge for three years. I started my own Company in 1998 and we are Headquartered in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Truly next to God's country. Over the next year we will have offices in Australia and Singapore. We provide certification training for Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, and CISSP. I have three wonderful kids that I devote my life to when I am not at the office. We spend a lot of time in our home theater playing XBOX or just playing around the lake.

February, 2002

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