Kellie Mahoney (Powell), Class of '86

I played tennis. I was a member of the Eco club , FTA, and NHS. My most memorable Baker moments were the days of "sweating it" in Liebendorfer's class anticipating what might be on the observation test that day... what color pen is he using, how many books were stacked in the window, etc.

I am married to Gerard Powell and live in Buena Vista, GA. We have two little girls, Kaitlynn and Kaillie. Kaitlynn is 8 years old and Kaillie is 6 years old.We also have a little boy, Kaleb who is 3 months old. I am currently teaching in Chattahoochee County and have my Masters in Early Childhood Education. I love spending time with my family and doing crafts.

April, 2004

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