Anthony W. "Tony" Moore, Class of '86

I was in the band, a bunch of clubs, and I enjoyed my weekends the most (like everyone I guess). I got along with the teachers real well and the administration was very lenient with me considering I didn't live at home towards the end of my high school days. I remember skipping school and taking whoever would go for a ride on my motorcycle. My most memorable Baker moment would have to be when my best friend Kenneth Pumphrey (class of '88) was killed by a drunk driver my senior year. It was a tough time, but all of my friends and I got through it.

After graduating I worked food service some more, went to Columbus College, caught shoplifters in a dept. store, taught ballroom dancing, and disc jockeyed at the Bradley Teen Club intil 1988 when I moved to Atlanta GA. I moved in with Don Stauffer (class of 1985) and had all sorts of jobs like disc jockeying, mover, chauffer, and many more. I am currently finishing my degree in Biology and Secondary Education and plan on teaching high school Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I work at the Home Depot in Kennesaw, Georgia (north Atlanta) and attend Kennesaw State University.

March, 1998

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